French Troops in the Algerian War

During the Algerian War (1954-1962), France deployed numerous military units to combat the National Liberation Front (FLN) forces seeking independence for Algeria. Among these units were elite formations such as the 1st Parachute Division and the 10th Mountain Division, both renowned for their tactical prowess and discipline on the battlefield. These divisions employed guerrilla warfare tactics against FLN fighters, often engaging them in small skirmishes throughout the mountainous terrain of Algeria. Despite facing fierce resistance from local insurgents, these highly skilled soldiers maintained control over key strategic locations within the country.

One of the most iconic units that participated in the conflict was the French Foreign Legion. Comprised primarily of non-French volunteers from various nationalities, this legendary unit gained notoriety for its unyielding commitment to duty and selfless sacrifice. Known for wearing distinctive blue uniforms adorned with red facings, legionnaires fought fiercely alongside regular French army units, demonstrating exceptional bravery under fire. Their participation in battles like those at Battle of Algiers showcased their unwavering dedication to defending France's interests abroad. Throughout the war, members of the French Foreign Legion earned countless decorations for valor, solidifying their reputation as some of the toughest and most disciplined soldiers in history.

Weaponry Online has received on loan an archive of original pictures from the Algerian War of Independence. These photographs were taken by a soldier in the French Foreign Legion and are being displayed publicly for the first time. Special thanks to our sponsor Keep Shooting for bringing us this rare look into the Algerian War of Independence.

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French Foreign Legion Algerian War Historical Photos
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